Ephraim Tabackman

Ephraim Tabackman is an advanced front end software developer and UI/UX designer with decades of experience successfully managing projects and teams to deliver apps, platforms, APIs and digital content, including video, audio, games and animation.

An experienced, enthusiastic team player, he specializes in solving problems that require an understanding of both technology and creative digital media.

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Ephraim is passionate about product-market fit, user experience, maintainable code, documentation, efficient workflows, and great design.

He has extensive experience in the following areas of software development and interactive media:



  • Javascript / ES6 / HTML5 / CSS3 / SVG / React / Redux
  • PHP / C# / AS3 / NodeJS / MySQL
  • Functional programming



  • User interface design (UI/UX)
  • Branding / Identity / Logo design
  • Graphic and information design (digital and print)
  • Video, audio, music editing and production
  • Animation / 3D / Motion graphics


Skills and experience


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