Game Shows are ZOW's stand alone fun Telephone Shows for one time play over and over again. We look at them as our off the shelf products. ZOW holds the trademarks and no further license deals are required.

They can all be easily "localized" into different languages and with particular cultural twists. They can also be enhanced with exciting and supporting web site designs for leagues and fan club activity.

Below are just three of many examples of ZOW's Game Shows.

The Analyzer
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The bomb has four wires. Guess their colors and the order in which they are arranged. Solve the puzzle or we'll blow your head off!

Game Play:

Solve the puzzle in twenty turns and you've deactivated the bomb. Otherwise, kiss your butt goodbye.

Any of the four wires could be Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Green, or Black. And just because one wire is red doesn't mean that other wires aren't also red. You could guess Red, Red, White, Blue. Or Black, White, Black, Green.

Got it? Okay. What's your first choice?

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Meet the Devils, a rough and tough woman's basketball club!
A bunch of hair pulling, rabbit punching, cat fighting, funny, sexy ladies... battling it out on the basketball court... and you are their manager. Which means that you get to tell them what to do!

The greatest individual sports exploitation success stories can be described as novelty acts. From the brawling women on roller skates in the American Roller Derby fad of the 50's to today's Heroes and Villains performing in scripted shows produced by WWF, The World Wrestling Federation, these "novelty acts a sure "crowd pleaser". Sports/entertainment hybrids such as the Harlem Globetrotters combine humor and athletics in such a way that even non-sports fans find them irresistible.

Game Play:

You are Dunk, the manager of the Girls Basketball team. The local girls play against girls teams from all over the world. When you call in, the game is in its final moments.

The action is fast and you jump in to tell one of your girls what to do! Pass Left, Pass Right, or shoot! You just call out your instructions and your girl will do what she's told...

...Of course she just might pull that French girl's hair along the way.

It's Fast, Funny, Sexy, and yes... it's basketball!

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The Japanese game of "Push, Pull, Trip"; You call in and the Sumo Match Begins.

Game Play:

Official: Challenger. I welcome you to SUMO. At the Gong you must call Push Pull or Trip. Ready?

1, 2, 3 GONG! Push, Pull, or Trip?

Caller: Push!

Champion: Pull!

Announcer: Oh No! Push Beats Pull, the caller Pushes the Champ; the caller has the champion off-balance.

Announcer: Once Again! 1, 2, 3 GONG! Push, Pull, or Trip?

Caller: Trip!

Opponent: Pull!

Announcer: Oh No! Trip Beats Pull, the Champion Pulls the Caller, but the caller trips the champ and sends the champion out of the ring!

Caller, you beat me! You win! Wanna' play again?

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