The ZOW SPORTS ENGINE drives a variety of stop-action and non-stop-action games.

Callers are pitted in the center of the action in a fully theatrical environment creating the "look and feel" of really being there. Callers encounter "thinking" Virtual Performers who play with and against them during the sporting event.

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The Caller stands on the mound as the team pitcher chooses from a variety of pitches and then "places" the pitch. Drift and fatigue become key factors for the pitcher to keep in mind. If he needs guidance he can call a Timeout and the pitching coach will meet him on the mound with some advice.

If there are two Callers they can each choose a team. They each pitch their own inning until the end of the game. Each Caller plays "his inning" and then his friend (the other player) is notified of the results. His friend then pitches "his inning".

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You are the be-all and end-all of your favorite soccer team. As you listen to the sportscaster announce the action on the field, the game will unfold before you. At every crucial interval you will be making the key decisions in the play of the game. The Caller is always where the action is - with the ball - and that's where he will be making those crucial decisions either on offense or defense.

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