ZOW's Telephone Shows employ the most basic of telephone facts: the phone is intended, first and foremost, for voice. Therefore, Telephone Shows are an interactive, audio experience in a fully theatrical environment using the audio and voice channels found on every phone.

Virtual Performers
Callers to Telephone Shows are instantly engaged from the moment they dial an access number. Intelligent beings called Virtual Performers, initiate and respond to the caller and to each other, all in real-time. This creates true-to-life fantasies such as sporting events, action thrillers, and talk shows with your favorite personalities.

ZOW's Virtual Performers 'learn' about the callers as they progress in the show. They react and sometimes even change according to their own personalities and those of the callers. This allows for each interaction to be a unique and original Telephone Show that becomes personalized for the caller.

Telephone Shows were born from a father of radio and television and mother of PC and Internet games. From the father comes the advantage of the achievements of radio and television shows, namely the combination of easy delivery and access and compelling entertainment. This combined with the benefits from the mother in using PC and Internet gaming rules and guidelines presents a unique opportunity to combine the best of voice, audio and top of the line entertainment.

Telephone Shows can be in almost every major language in the world and are 'localized' for the needs of each of ZOW's clients.

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