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Kayote facilitates interconnectivity between carriers who would otherwise be incompatible to terminate traffic due to technical constraints, security concerns, or other issues. Kayote provides detailed call statistics and reports as well as comprehensive Call Detail Records (CDRs) and call logs. Advanced services such as ENUM (a protocol that makes it possible to converge the Public Switched Telephone Network and the Internet) are also available.

Many companies (both telephony and cable) are using VoIP extensively and have deployed networks and services inside "walled gardens" or dedicated networks that are closed to the outside world. While this allows them the advantage of maintaining absolute control over the quality of service offered to their customers inside their networks, it has the negative result of limiting their potential opportunities to reap the additional revenues and reduced international termination charges that come from sharing traffic with carriers outside of their networks. Kayote's unique technology provides the solution, serving as the "VoIP firewall" between these closed networks and aggregating numerous small carriers who stand to benefit from a connection with these closed networks.