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Kayote's suite of highly advanced, software-based, call-enabling technologies is several steps ahead of the industry. These services and solutions are offered to carriers of any size, as well as to ITSPs that are entering the VoIP arena. The core technology operates based on a dynamic, per call relationship between call quality, termination reliability, and per minute cost. Moreover, Kayote's technology enables communication between carriers whose traffic is sent in different protocols or different dialects of the same protocol. With this expertise, Kayote is becoming a leader in the development of requirements for VoIP spam control, as well as in security services required by telephony carriers who pass traffic on the Internet and to each other outside of their traditional switched networks. Kayote enables these carriers to garner new revenues with safety and peace of mind.

Kayote's proprietary algorithms offer benefits to both the originating and terminating parties by improving call quality statistics such as Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR), Post Dial Delay (PDD), and call set up time.

Kayote employs its dynamic system for the maintenance of quality and cost information regarding termination routes. This allows users the choice of termination through multiple carriers including ITSPs, Tier One carriers and VoIP companies. Routing of each call is carried out according to user-defined rules on a call-by-call basis, searching for the cost/quality combination that best fits the individual partner's requirements.

Kayote's underlying technology and business model afford its partners the opportunity to focus their time and energy on the primary aim of their business, enhancing their product and service offerings. Further, by maintaining cutting edge expertise in all areas of VoIP technology, Kayote's hosted session management solution has carved out a significant place within the communication industry, helping both new and traditional telephony companies and VoIP companies of any size grow their customer base while reducing costs.