ZOW, established in July 2001, brings together the best in Complex Intelligence technology, telephone communications and mobile entertainment.

ZOW's Senior Management combines many years of experience in telephony, entertainment, game development and artificial intelligence. Together they create a solid and winning technology, creative and business team.

Gedaliah Gurfein, CEO
Alan Lurie, Executive Vice President
Yaakov Kirschen, Chief Creative Director
Jeremy Barkan, Chief Technology Officer
Michael Sondhelm, Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Anisman, Senior Product Manager
Shachar Hendel, Team Leader

Name: Gedaliah Gurfein

Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Age: 47

Crowned "Demo God" at Demo 2000 show for 'birthing mobile commerce' (Business 2.0 Magazine); Brought his company, TeleVend Inc., into working relationships on the highest corporate levels with such global giants as Coca-Cola, Shell Oil, McDonalds, , and McCann-Ericsson

Over 20 years of experience in Entertainment & Advertising, Telephony, Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations

Name: Alan Lurie

Title: Executive Vice President

Age: 44

Founder of several companies, international business deals, high level negotiations, successful capital investments.

Stockbroker from 1977 through 1983; Director of V. H. Simmons in South Africa; Served as a Management Consultant to four major Australian companies: Commonwealth Bank, AMP Insurance, CSR and Coles Meyers (a division of K-Mart); started and ran the Management Information Department for Australia's largest generic pharmaceutical company, Alphapharm; and founded and operated Northern Pacific Recyclers, a large paper recycling and exporting company.

Name: Yaakov Kirschen

Title: Chief Creative Director

Age: 63

Two-time BIRD Foundation recipient for his creation and development of both Artificial Creativity (for Commodore Business Machines) and Artificial Personality (for Atari Corp); invented and introduced idea of "role-playing" adventure games; Creator for popular cartoons "Dry Bones", and "Kozmo" running daily in over 35 papers throughout the world.

Game developer providing creative direction and game designs for innovative entertainment and original adventure software; creator of comic strips, cartoons, animated films, television ads, TV shows for thirty years and is best known for

Name: Jeremy Barkan

Title: Chief Technology Officer

Age: 41

Education: BA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MA from Weizmann Institute of Science

Expert in Distributed Object Oriented systems and scalability. Specialist in software and systems design and security, development methodology and process management.

Chief Architect of VerticalNet's R&D in Israel, designing and leading development of complex B2B systems; CTO of 3PATH, an Internet Content Distribution company in the BRM group; architect of the NDS smart card based Internet security solution as part of News Corp's new technology efforts.

Name: Michael Sondhelm

Title: Chief Financial Officer

Age: 39

Certification: Licensed CPA

Ten years, Chicago office of Arthur Andersen & Co and with their Israeli affiliate; Corporate VP of Tri-United Technologies, a high-tech start-up investment firm, responsible for all financial, operational and administrative areas; VP and CFO at Virtual Jerusalem Ltd. (VCIX) and Financial Controller at Accent Software International Ltd. (ACTNF), where he was involved in the company's initial and secondary public offerings, raising upward of twenty million dollars.

Name: Daniel Anisman

Title: Senior Product Manager

Age: 33

Education: BA in Computer Science and Economics, Tel Aviv University; MBA from Edinburgh Business School

Founder and VP of Product Development at UCallNet. Served as Product Manager at Callware, managing the SoloFax and CallegraWeb products. Worked at Magic Software as Senior International Support Consultant and as Team Leader with the Leapfrog development team.

Name: Shachar Hendel

Title: Programming Team Leader/JAVA Expert

Age: 31

Education: Computer Science, Hebrew University

Technical Leader at VerticalNet (Tradeum) in charge of seven developers; Software developer at Healthware Solutions International


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