ZOW's ADVENTURE Engine leaves Callers on the edge of their phone, placing them at the heart of theatrically exciting audio entertainment.

Virtual Performers, created by ZOW's Complex Intelligence software, "appear" as actors interacting with themselves and the Caller. The shows, such as comedies, suspense and action, develop as the caller relates and intermingles with the Performers.

The plot thickens each time the Caller calls back. The Virtual Performers recall the shared history of the Caller bringing them deeper and deeper into a developing plot or story line.

Real "branded" characters from television shows or movies can be converted into Telephone Show Virtual Performers allowing the Caller to interact with his favorite hero in episode after episode.

ZOW's ADVENTURE Telephone Shows also embed multiple "phone chat" environments where kids can SMS each other to come meet them in special locations.

Celebrity Shows
Game Shows

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