ZOW aspires to develop joint ventures and generate revenue on projects together with Telecom, Content Owners and Corporate Sponsors. Joint ventures mean a small initial investment for our partners with a large backend profit.

Viral Addiction
ZOW's Telephone ShowsTM build engaging entertainment that fascinate callers and compel them to return. The Show's experience becomes viral spreading like wild fire! And the Telephone Show's addictive nature creates lasting on-line communities.

Revenue Streams
ZOW's business model seeks to share revenue from the "minutes" driven by Telephone Shows from either prime or regular phone rates. In addition, our business model reaches into multiple revenue pools including SMS, mobile commerce, and WAP site applications.

Telephone Shows also introduce non-invasive advertising opportunities that actually enhance the realism of the entertainment itself. Telephone Shows are a powerful tool for marketing and advertising campaigns.

A Telephone Show?
Partners in Profit
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